CO gas leakage air and leaked toxic gases are threaten our lives and the accidents like poisoning, suffocation, explosion is increasing.

Safe accidents could be classified by reason of Carbon monoxide poisoning or butane gas explosion during the cooking,
heating inside tent or car at camping place Explosion by flammable gases like methane gas in manholes or factory complex,
Suffocation or poisoning accidents by combustible gases like Carbon monoxide,
suffocating or hypoxia caused by the lack of oxygen and poisoning by toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur oxide, etc., at working place.
Besides, Nitrogen Oxide, coming from heater or Air-conditioner in Schools, homes, and multi-purpose building, provoke nausea, vomiting, and digestive disorder.
It is important to fully equip all needed real-time monitoring systems. Recently, thanks to the IoT technology, mobile sensor device also could sense and give alarms even when we are walking, working or driving.