Agriculture area

CO2, O2, C2H4, Temperature and humidity concentrations have a close relationship
with life and growth of all plants and animals.

So, controls of CO2, O2, C2H4 is essential as it can raise the productivity of agricultural products but can also be hazardous to animals. As oxygen concentration change of 1% could effect too much on stock-raising and vegetation and trace element of Ethylene could make crops, fruits, etc to be ripen or even rotten. Therefore, the measurement and control these gases are important for future agriculture technical development.

ELT SENSOR’s gas sensors measures the CO2, O2, C2H4 concentration in mushroom cultivation systems, green houses, agricultural product storage, chicken farms, and hog barns as a means to enable agricultural and livestock industries to operate with efficient management.

Above all things, ethylene is an important gas for storage and maturing of agricultural products. It is required for the effective control of ethylene gas concentrations and to detect the risk of explosion. You can realize the best storage conditions by properly combining ethylene gas, CO2 gas, temperature and humidity.

Particularly, ‘G’ suffix added models have special features like special coating for protection function from harsh agricultural environments with high humidity, dust and various kinds of gases.