Automobiles and other means of transportation with smart phone communication

Inside a car, which is a small space with many people on board,
the oxygen is quickly consumed, resulting in poor air quality and drowsiness.

In fact, contamination of indoor air quality is a leading cause of drowsy driving.

If the concentration of CO2 is measured in the car, drowsy driving can be prevented by issuing a ventilation warning so that the driver can open the window or turn on the automatic ventilation in connection with the ventilation system.

ELT SENSOR’s CO2 sensors are already applied in subways, trains and buses and its installation is expanding to passenger cars and trucks.
Car manufacturers may design a car that has a built-in sensor module and device manufacturers of navigation systems and black boxes for cars may purchase the sensor or the sensor module to produce their own products.

In particular, MT-200H is a very convenient and useful product that can be connected to PCs, smart phones, or automobiles through the USB port for checking the air quality in real time.