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COD-200CO Transmitter
COD-200 COD-200
COD-200 is the CO Transmitter which detect CO gas of the air and send signal to Host for the protect people at parking lots, Industrial working places and Buildings. COD-200 is upgraded from COD-100 to give wide reading range and better accuracy and stability. COD-200M is RS485-Modbus supporting IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) detectors.
Sensing Method Semi conductor Type
Dimensions 123mm x 69mm x 40mm (115g)
CO Measurement range 0 to 250 ppm (0 to 300 ppm is option)
Accuracy At20℃, 50% RH after 4days since power-on.
Operating Temperature range -10 to 50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ to 60℃
Operating Humidity range 10 to 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Input Power 24VDC (3-Wired) or 24VAC/24VDC ( 4-Wired)
Response Time (90%) < 1 minutes
Sampling Interval every 30 sec
Output 4~20mA & 2~10VDC (RS485-Modbus is option)
Other Option With LCD display
Sampling Interval CD-100=> 3 sec
Products Option List
COD-200L with LCD
COD-200M Modbus
COD-200ML Modbus, with LCD